Disinfect thoroughly and efficiently

Ontsmetten.com offers companies an accessible and effective way to easily apply disinfectants.

Our mission is to protect as many people as possible from unwanted bacteria and viruses.

We want to achieve this by, on the one hand, offering opportunities for the simple application of disinfectants and on the other by making people aware of the necessity of taking hygiene measures in everyday life.

Ontsmetten.com offers the solution for businesses, shops, festivals, events and organizations with locations where groups of people come together or where sanitizing is high priority.

Thorough and efficient

Ease of use has never been greater.


Ontsmetten.com has developed an accessible, safe and distinctive mobile system, which allows disinfectant to be atomized and easily and quickly applied to the places where it is needed. In addition to a backpack model of the spray system, which makes it easy and comfortable to handle all the spots thoroughly, a fixed arrangement of the spray system is also being developed. In addition, ontsmetten.com also offers the possibility to purchase dispensers, so that hands can be easily disinfected.

Ontsmetten.com is part of Happy Skinz

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